We aspire to maximally impact global nutrition and improve livelihood of small-scale farmers through food innovation.

Company description

Innovesca is a food technology company that produces high quality, all-natural ingredients with optimized nutrition from underutilized plants in developing regions.  Founded with a dedication to improving human life through food innovation, our products are based on the simple idea that “every bite counts”.  We develop processing technologies that unlock the inherent nutrients of whole foods post-harvest to maximize nutrient release and absorption.  Thus, we utilize these natural sources of nutrition in a more robust way. 

We are a for-profit company with a strong commitment to creating significant socio-economic impact.  As part of our business strategy, we source underutilized plants from developing countries, such as Rwanda, pre-process locally using our core technology to create value-added ingredients with enhanced nutrient bioavailability, and export to the United States and throughout East Africa.  Through industry partnerships, we enable nutritious products powered by Innovesca for the Food, Health and Wellness markets.  This model has a ‘multiplier effect’ that accelerates prosperity not only through business expansion and job creation (both farm and off-farm jobs), but also by improving health through increased nutrition.  All of these factors lead to a highly scalable and sustainable venture.


Exciting things

  • 22 Nov 2013.  Invited to present seminar for Carnegie Mellon Institute for Social Innovation event during Global Entrepreneurship Week.

  • 13 Nov 2013.  Presented at LaunchCMU Entrepreneurship Demo & Poster Session: http://bit.ly/LaunchCMU

  • 20 Sept 2013.  Presented at the Amaranth Institute meeting in Chicago, IL.  Great to meet and learn from the wonderful people working to support and promote amaranth:  amaranthinstitute.org

  • 28 Aug 2013.  Seminar at the CMU-Rwanda campus in Kigali, Rwanda on "Engineering the Microarchitecture of Amaranth Leaves Post-Harvest to Optimize Nutrient Bioavailability":  http://bit.ly/CMU-Rwanda

  • Aug 2013.  Innovesca visited Rwanda's Ministry of Agriculture to explore interest in agricultural export of amaranth, which is indigenous to the country: http://bit.ly/RwandaMinAgri

  • June 2013.  Innovesca awarded Phase I Small Business Innovation Research grant from the National Science Foundation to fund R&D and commercialization efforts.