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-Mary Beth, Founder

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every bite counts.

Innovesca is a food technology company that aims to positively impact global nutrition and improve livelihood of small-scale farmers through food innovation.  We develop processing technologies to naturally unlock a food’s nutritional benefits.  Through our core technology, we take underutilized superfoods that already exist but go to waste and manufacture ingredients with optimized nutrition for the functional food market.  This work has been funded by the Gates Foundation and the National Science Foundation.

We are strongly committed to making a positive and lasting impact with every ingredient we produce.  As part of our impact strategy, we source our raw materials directly from smallholder farmers in developing regions and process locally to produce value-added ingredients with optimized nutrition, which will then be imported to the United States as well as distributed throughout the local region.  Through industry partnerships, our ingredients enable nutritious products powered by Innovesca.  Through this model, we improve nutrition, not only through our ingredients, but also by creating jobs and reducing poverty.